The 1 Powerful Solution to Stop Overeating


Immediately after watching this, take 5 minutes to write your answers to these questions:

Main Question: Why do you want to stop overeating?

Some other questions to help you along the way:
• What is your ideal weight?
• How do you want your eating style to be?
• Who do you want to inspire with your new eating habits?
• How will you feel when you’ve accomplished overeating?
• What other good things can come out of being able to control yourself over food?


Remind yourself of these answers constantly throughout the day, especially before eating. Keep your answers in a place where you can read them often. Read them out loud every morning and before you go to sleep. This will help keep your mind in focus of what you want.

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Post comments or questions and I will do my best to answer them. Thanks for watching!


If you are:
• continually struggling with food
• feel like you’ve lost control over eating
• in search of a full proof way to finally end the binging
• don’t have thousands of dollars to hire a psychologist or hypnotist
• ready to change your life
• and ready to create your ideal body, have more confidence, and have freedom from food


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