Think and Get Slim

This comes as a DVD or book. I highly recommend the DVD. Esther Hicks answers questions of real people suffering from weight issues and overall not begin able to drop any weight. I love the way she teaches and it’s been the only way I’ve been able to release those last ten pounds that just wouldn’t come off. This product seriously changed my life.


Naturally Thin

I’m not really into the Real Housewives shows but it seems like everyone’s a fan of Bethanny. I actually really like her after reading her books. I think I read this one 4 times because it’s jam packed with great tips on how to manage your eating throughout the day. One of the best ideas I got from this book was to “Know Yourself” — know when you’re hungry, know what a healthy weight is for you, and be confident in your decisions. Plus she’s got other great eye-opening / ah-ha type ideas in this book. Every chapter you’ll learn something different.


Binge Breaker

I love this book because not only does it have strategies you can use right away to overcome binge eating but it also has real life stories of people who suffered from binge eating and how they overcame it.


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