Email or Phone Coaching Available!

• Need help taking control over your eating habits?

• Ready to create your ideal body and keep it?

• Want to have a normal relationship with food
and be able to control your emotions?

• Get it all by having Chrissy as your personal coach
to help you create a brand new you!


Why Coaching is Different than the B.E. Free Program

• With coaching Chrissy can zone in on your specific needs for success
• Coaching is set as specific times / intervals to keep you consistently on track with your goals
• Coaching provides you with an accountability partner for ultimate and consistent success


“Coaching was the only way I was able to really overcome my binge eating habits. I think it was mostly that I had to check in with someone on a consistent basis. It made me feel like I really had to pay attention to what was going on and what to change. Also, my coach was excellent at having answers to my questions and directions to overcome my obstacles.”

- Chrissy (Creator of


FREE Consultation

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