Binge Eating Help

Do I have the Binge Eating Disorder?
Searching for Ways on How to Stop Overeating?
Why Do I Binge Eat?
How Do I Stop Binge Eating?

Are these questions you may be asking yourself? Are you in search of binge eating help?

It is interesting to note that people who become affected from binge eating disorder do not notice that they have this problem. They think they just are fat or naturally hungry all the time. This disorder has other factors which are more psychological problems. A person who is aware that they have this problem do not try to bother figuring out how to stop compulsive eating. They may even be ashamed to ask the other people or their doctor “how do I stop binge eating?”

How to control binge eating is very important as this disorder can lead to other diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and excessive weight gaining. The solution is a no-brainer… live a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

TIP 1:Try to stay busy

Too much spare time may lead to boredom and urges to go for food to fill the time. Most binge eaters eat when they are alone, so finding activities to add to your schedule will help in not having time to have a binge eating session. Plus alot of binge eaters eat alone and being around people may also prevent binge attacks. Find a new hobby, visit friends more often, take an art course, take yoga classes, take karate classes, take dance classes, or anything else that is not stressful and you will enjoy!

TIP 2: Ask, “What do I really want right now?”

When you’re going to take more food, try to figure out what you really want. It’s not really the food you want, but rather your emotions trying to fill a void. One tip is to write down your emotions and whatever you’re stressing about. This helps to get a better understanding of your thoughts and should help relieve the cravings of food. Or another option is to call a friend and talk through your issues. Sometimes just hearing it out loud can be a big stress reliever.

TIP 3: Eat six small meals throughout the day.

This will help keep your metabolism stable throughout the day for the highest level of calorie burning. You’ll feel like you ate a lot but actually it will be a lot less than if you starved yourself all day and then binged at night. Planning to have six small meals also helps you pick healthier food choices. You won’t be as hungry so you’ll have a better focus on what you should eat. Plus the best part is you’ll be burning more calories this way, thus loosing the weight!

TIP 4: Focus on your eating with all 5 senses.

Every time you sit down to have a meal or snack practice mindful eating. Do not eat in front of the TV, while on your computer, or driving. Do not think about past events or future event, focus on the present moment and use all of your senses to eat your food. Smell what you’re eating, taste it slowly, see it, feel it in your mouth, and hear the way it sounds when you eat. This way your not shoveling food in your mouth and actually enjoying your food. You’ll be surprised on how much less you eat this way and you’ll actually feel full with less food.

Binge eating is both a physical and psychological disorder and should be treated by focusing on both aspects. The physical part is understanding true hunger and eating properly. The psychological part is understanding emotional eating, getting your emotions out and realizing that your emotions are not you. People say “I am sad”. You’re not really “sad”, rather you are experiencing a sad emotion. But you can tap out of it in a second — you and only you can change your thoughts and emotions. Think of a time when you felt absolutely strong and in charge or think of the most hilarious time in your life. You’ll sure to put a smile on your face in no time. See.. you’re not sad. You’re you! And you’re in charge!

Please leave any comments or question that I can address. I’d love to help!


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  1. My binge eating has become absolutely out of control
    as the weeks pass. I’ve been out of a job for such a
    long time(I won’t say for how long,I feel ashamed).
    When I lost my position I had no idea i would be
    unemployed for this long. I’m married and my wife took
    on 2 jobs to support us and lives off of 4hrs. of sleep
    per night. I feel so depressed my wife has to do this
    while I sit home I’ve gotten terribly pessimistic and
    don’t put in the effort to get a job(I’ve actually
    turned down jobs because I knew I couldn’t work them
    in my state.) Food has become the only source of light
    at the end of this tunnel. When I eat something I enjoy
    I feel almost euphoric, My depression and financial
    crisis get pushed aside. I’ve actually put on more that
    40 pounds and have a gut I can’t hide no matter how hard
    I try. I’ll consume more than 5,ooo+ a day with no
    physical activity since I now feel like a sloth.
    Medications, weight loss supplements and therapy have
    done Absolutely Nothing to help. I feel so useless
    to my wife now I sometimes wonder if she’ll leave me
    since I contribute Nothing now to our household and
    am no longer the lean,defined,confident person she
    married. Just typing this is starting to make me misty
    eyed and holding back tears reflecting on my situation.
    I’ll eat a box of grain bars(140 cal. each, 8 to a box)
    within 10 minutes and have no feeling of guilt till
    afterwards. Thank you for listening.

    • Binge Eating Help

      wow. thank you for sharing. Please email me at so I can help you further as soon as possible.

      • Another thing I want to say is: whatever you do, DON’T COUNT CALORIES! If you’re doing it, stop! If you’re tihkning about doing it, don’t start! I did that the other day and in just that one day it became obsessive! It is almost as compulsive as bingeing! Don’t add to your food addiction problems by becoming obsessed about calories, it’s not worth it! Luckily I stopped, and I’m never going to do it again!

    • that the need to eat a lot at night is due to natural urges that are in hnamus.his method of eating harmonizes with this base nature and people are burning loads of fat. ive lost 5 pounds in two weeks. ill never go off the warrior diet, its just way to much fun to be on.

  2. Trista

    Thank you for your tips. I have been suffering from eating disorders for two years now. I am constantly gaining and losing weight. I have problems with my body image. For the past three days now I have not been able to stop eating even when I am full. I have so much less energy during dance and soccer. You’re tips were very helpful, I will start usin them. Thank you for your time.

    • Binge Eating Help

      Hi Trista, Glad I could help out! Email me at any time if you have questions or need help with anything.
      Best, Chrissy

      • annyounghasaeyo! i love the ballet moves you shweod us and even tried them. they really work! my whole side was sore? haha I’m wondering if you have any ballet exercises for your arms? I’d like to more flexible there as well

  3. Thank you SO much for your honestly and vulnerability. Everything you said I ABSOLUTELY RELATE TO! Thank you for being so open about taking charge of your own self. I feel less alone and actually, kind of normal! I’ve dealt with binge eating for almost ten years-ish. I got counseling, but when that ended I really wanted to do it myself. Some days I just want to zone out and forget all the good things I have learned and good things that are yet to come, but with your website being a constant reminder and go to place, I feel reinforced to keep a confident attitude about myself and be accountable for my own actions. It’s so difficult to face the day full and bloated after a night of binging, I am fearful of getting close with people. I try to remember how GOOOOOOD I feel once I eat mindfully and eat to live not live to eat! My binges are better, but with some stumbles. What helps also is to remove myself from the kitchen and breathe for 2 minutes, trying to be mindful of the present moment. Then WRITE! Write it ALLLLL out no matter how goofy it may sound! You’re awesome Chrissy! THANK YOU TONS!

    • Binge Eating Help

      That just put me in an awesome mood today!!! I’m so glad I can be of help. I’m actually working on some new videos, that I will be incoporating in my B.E. Free Program as well as through my email list. So look out for more great content!


  4. i think those are mainly beascue of genetics, i think the best thing to do is to be happy with your nice arms you can tone them but in? terms of general size/bone thickness is genetics.

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