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My name is Chrissy and I’m the creator of BingeEatingHelpOnline.com as well as the B.E. Free Program, which is a 12 day online course on how to stop binge eating and finally lose the weight.

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A Little Bit About Myself

I live in the Boston area with my husband and our dog, Famous. My career background is in graphic design and web design, so yes, I did create the site myself! And I create graphic and website designs for many other businesses.

I also was a dancer for many years and even performed with a hip-hop dance group in the Boston area for 2 years. Currently I teach a few hip-hop classes a week for kids at a dance studio near me.


My Binge Eating Experience

I’m not sure when it started but I would say it was around 18 years old. I started to notice that I was gaining a little bit of weight when I started going to college. I would try to starve myself which would back fire into an overeating session.

After college, my binge eating habits got worse. Instead of them being once or twice a month, I would end up binge eating 2 – 3 times a week or sometimes every night. This behavior along with other stress in my life, like trying to find a job and my boyfriend breaking up with me, caused me to be really hard on myself. I found myself slipping into a depression. I kept having horrible thoughts about myself, crying myself to sleep at night, and just feeling so painful from the misery I was in.


A Typical Night for Me

In one night I would eat a few large bowls of cereal, a few large bowls of ice cream, go to the corner store to get 2-3 candy bars, then go to McDonald’s to get a cheeseburger and fries, and then when I got home eat anything I could find. After feeling completely stuffed I would pass out.

I would then wake up the next morning feeling so bloated, disgusting, and completely discouraged.

After a binge, I would keep telling myself that I would never let it happen again. That this time was the last time. Unfortunately that type of self-talk didn’t work. I continued to keep in that binge eating pattern for a long time.


I Was Determined to Find a Solution

Things got a little better through my 20′s when I started researching on how to control binge eating. I learned about eating healthier and having portion controlled meals throughout the day. But I’d always have slip ups here and there. I felt very frustrated. I would eat so well all week and then blow it by binge eating at the end of the week. I kept asking myself, “how do I stop binge eating?” yet I could never find a definite solution.

I kept trying by meeting with a counselor, who just thought I should be on prescription depression pills. That idea felt like the cheating way out and I just didn’t like the sound of pills changing me. I wanted to learn how to change myself without the use of drugs. I even tried several hypnotist sessions but those were unsuccessful as well.

So there I was, already 29 and still suffering from binge eating. But I was so determined to figure out how to change this.


My Turning Point

I believe it was my deep determination that led me to the right places to find the answer. I started watching videos and enrolling in program related to personal development. I starting listening and following the greats like Anthony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Abraham Hicks, and many others. That’s when I finally realized, no one is going to be able to get me to stop binge eating. It’s my responsibility to control this.

• I learned to switch my inner self-talk from one that was overall negative
and create a better outlook on my life.
• I felt absolutely amazing when I finally discovered how to control binge eating!

  • I started to lose weight without having to starve myself or get on a strict diet.
  • I also noticed how enjoyable food and life can be. I was able to appreciate myself and the people in my life.

• I’m not all happy-go-lucky obviously. I still get sad, angry, or overwhelmed
at times but I now know how to step out of those situations. I also know exactly
what to do if I feel a binge coming on.
• It’s been over a year and it feels amazing to finally be able to eat food without
overeating, enjoy life, and live in my ideal body size.


Why I Created a Site on How to Stop Overeating

I was so excited about this new outlook on life that I had to share it with others who are suffering from binge eating. I know how frustrating it can be constantly asking yourself, “how do I stop binge eating? why do I do this to myself? I hate overeating? why am I so fat? why can’t I lose the weight?”

I can assure you that it is truly possible to have a good relationship with food and that you can control your eating habits. You can also learn to love life and enjoy things again like you did when you were a kid.

I’m living proof! And I can help you to get there.

My mission is now to inform others on binge eating help. I know how painful and frustrating it can be and I want to share with others my tactics and create successful, happy, normal eating habits for people visiting my site.

If you have any questions please email me,
I want to be of full service to those in need:

Can’t wait to hear your success story,


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