5 Day Live Example – Day 2

Here is Day 2 of my “5 Day Live Example” of how I eat on a daily basis, my thoughts and feelings around my eating and any challenges that come up in the day.

This is to demonstrate how I’ve overcome binge eating and how I can help you in your journey to living a happy & healthy lifestyle.

You can see that I am by no means a health freak. I allow myself to eat what I’m craving but within small portions. I still strive to eat healthy though and try my best to incorporate lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grain, and lean meats. (I know you’ve heard the health thing plenty of times from so many sources) :)

Anyway, my day 2 eating wasn’t ideal, but it shows how I allow myself to eat what I want! And the most important part is to enjoy what I eat and not have any guilty thoughts about eating.

And the most important point is to have a healthy mindset. Having thoughts of being fat will only cause you to feel bad about yourself. Even if you truly think you are fat, focus on the opposite. Focus on how you want you’re body to be. Not only will you feel better by doing this but if you do it often enough you get skinny!

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